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Barthlarts Studio

The mission of Barthlarts Studio is to educate and engage in activism through art-making. Each shop release centers on relevant issues or events and allocates a portion of its profits to reputable charities or organizations that directly support the mission of the shop or limited release.

Explore shops, look out for limited releases, or request a custom, commissioned work of art to commemorate a special moment or occasion!

Empty Chairs

Inner Sanctum

The human mind is a complex organism that engages with the world in miraculous and sometimes strange ways. In the Healing Room we examine the mind and its inner workings, celebrating our differences and educating one another on the manner of ways the world can be traversed and experienced within one’s psyche.

A designated portion of each sale from this catalog is donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness to help further our knowledge of and resources for mental health and mental health research.

Parrots on a Branch

Parrot Productions

Spread your wings and take to the skies as we play along with our feathered friends! In the aviary we will learn about how to care for, love, and truly appreciate our quirky avian companions.

A designated portion of each sale from this catalog is donated to local avian sanctuaries to help provide much needed care and resources for our feathered friends! Read more about who we’ve donated to on the catalog pages.

Painting Equipments

The Art Room

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” - Ms Frizzle

In this wonderful, messy, and chaotic space we explore the inner workings of the Art Room and how to engage in critical thinking through art making. Put on an apron and prepare to get your hands dirty!

Proceeds from purchases made within this catalog help me fund my art room and provide tools and resources for my students!

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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