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Elemental Affect

In this lesson, sculpture I students in the 9th-12th grades were challenged to create an abstract relief sculpture that used only line, shape, and color to generate a desired affect. Students were introduced to the concept of affect, exploring how and when an artist might choose to implement this tool before endeavoring to engage with it on their own. While most students limited themselves to fairly simple forms of affect, such as warm, cool, energetic, or calm, I had the opportunity to see a handful of students flourish on such sophisticated concepts as adventure, life, and conflict. 

Above you can find an array of student work from this project with the lesson plan and all supporting documents below!

Social Justice Summer Camp

Prior to the start of student teaching, my graduate cohort put together a small social justice camp for a handful of students at Florida State University School in Tallahassee. After several weeks of pre-planning, we were able to put together a week long choice-based curricula that had students investigating various social justice issues of import to them through numerous art projects and activities. At the beginning of each day, we would introduce two artists and two potential art projects students would then be able to choose from.

In my portion of instruction I introduced our students to artist Alexandre Orion, a graffiti artist known for the politically charged work he creates around his home in Brazil. I demonstrated how to transfer a design onto a black t-shirt with white charcoal and paint over it with liquid bleach to make their designs permanent, similar to Orion's reverse graffiti skulls in his piece, Ossario.

“The skulls belong to us. I wanted to bring a catacomb from the near future to the present, to show people that the tragedy of pollution is happening right now. I try to remind people of things they’re trying to forget.”


-- Alexandre Orion

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