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Philbert - Horizontal 'Ride the Wave' Blown Glass Bead

Philbert - Horizontal 'Ride the Wave' Blown Glass Bead

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As featured in Contemporary Glass Society's 'Small but Mighty' online exhibition:


Philbert precariously balances a massive wave threatening to pummel him into the sea with a note of humor and charm. As part of my Ride the Wave campaign, Philbert serves the purpose of raising awareness and resources for the study and treatment of bipolar disorder, representing the necessity of riding the of waves of emotion that accompany this often debilitating illness.


This horizontal bead can be purchased as a display bead, ornament, or pendant with a custom setting. All purchases come with complimentary gift wrapping and vinyl sticker!


$15 from this purchase will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness to further mental health research and resources. Learn more about the inspiration behind the Ride the Wave line at!

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